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BullRush Academy is a free education portal to help new traders learn the basics about Forex Trading. Our education is designed specifically with new traders in mind. Our easy to follow education will help you learn the Forex markets.

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World Class Trading Competitions + Free Education

BullRush Academy was created to help new traders learn the basics of Forex trading. Traders can then use the skills in a variety of ways, including competing in BullRush competitions to earn prizes and other rewards.

Free trading education

BullRush Academy is a free education portal. Why pay for education when you can get it for free.

Stay Informed

Markets are constantly changing. We update our education and information on a regular basis to ensure the information being provided is up to date.

Trading competitions to test your skills

Once you have learned from our education you can test your skills via free trading competitions.

Cash Prizes and Other rewards

Prove you are the best trader in a BullRush competition and win cash and other prizes.